Murder at the Speakeasy: a 1920s Murder Mystery Party

Created by Murders Incorporated

A unique Murder Mystery Party that you can play at home with your favorite people. Impress your friends with a party to die for

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Proofs are in!
10 days ago – Fri, Aug 05, 2022 at 05:38:04 AM

We just got the proofs back from our manufacturer and thought we'd share some sneak peeks

Instruction Booklet:

Action Cards:

We want to keep some mystery alive, so we won't share them all, but very excited to see everything falling into place! 

Have a killer day 🔪,


The Order has Been Placed!
24 days ago – Fri, Jul 22, 2022 at 12:10:33 PM

Murder at the Speakeasy is officially in production! 

The order has been placed and we are hopeful to have them completed within 30-45 days. After that, we'll work on getting them mailed out to everyone! 

We are still waiting on 16 people to finish their surveys in BackerKit. If you still need to do so and have lost the link, you can find your survey here:

Even if you are not having anything shipped to you, we still need the survey filled out so that we know which name to put on our website!

Thank you to all of our future murderers and we hope you have a great day 🔪


We're Almost Ready to Order!
about 1 month ago – Thu, Jul 07, 2022 at 02:07:27 AM

Hello Future Murderers! 

Here are some updates on Murder at the Speakeasy:

  •  All PDF copies of "An Invitation to Midnight Manor" have gone out, whether you ordered in Backer Kit or on Kickstarter. If you have not received your copy, please message us ASAP and we'll send it out to you (this is an add-on if you did not purchase the add-on, you will not receive a copy)
  •  T-shirt Designs are locked in and ready to order
  • All Pledges who chose to have a Character named after them have been added to the story. The story has been fully edited to reflect these new exciting Characters! 
  •  All Designs have been Proofread, double-checked yet again, and are ready for production
  •  We are right on Schedule! According to our timeline, we had hoped to send all designs over to our Manufacturer between July and August. Once we send the designs, it should take 30-45 days to create all of our new Box Kits

All that we are waiting for is 25 Backers to complete their surveys in Backer Kit. We sent another round of reminder emails out today, if you have not finished your survey, please do so as soon as possible so that we can get this killer kit made! Message us if you have any questions at all, we're always happy to help! 

Thank you for all of your patience with us as we navigate our first Kickstarter Campaign, we couldn't have done any of this without you 🖤

Have a Spooky Day,


Murders Inc

3 Days Until Funds Lock in BackerKit
about 2 months ago – Tue, Jun 28, 2022 at 09:16:39 AM

Hello Everyone!

All funds will be locked in BackerKit in three days. This means that, if you need to update any information like shipping or billing, please do so ASAP. 

If you haven't already, please fill out your survey! 

We currently have 208/247 surveys completed. We need to have all of the surveys filled out before getting the order to our distributors. If you lost the email with your survey link in it, you can find it here:

Midnight Manor PDFs are coming!

BackerKit should send all Midnight Manor PDFs out in three days. Just to be sure, I will also mass email everyone a copy of their PDF, so you may see two copies. You only need one, so feel free to disregard any additional copies. If you need yours sooner, please email me either on Kickstarter or at and I can send your PDF ASAP as long as it has already been paid for.

Have a killer week!


77% of Surveys Completed
2 months ago – Tue, Jun 14, 2022 at 01:47:21 PM

Hello to our Murderous Friends!

Surveys are 77% complete, thank you to everyone who has filled yours out so far! If you have not yet, please check your emails for your links, the faster the surveys are completed, the faster we can place orders! If you have lost the link to the survey, you can find yours here:

As always, let us know if you have any questions, and stay spooky! 🔪